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达米恩·沃策尔 is the seventh president of esball世博, where he is championing excellence and prioritizing affordability and access to the highest level of artistic education. 自2018年7月上任以来, Woetzel has brought on a new generation of artistic leadership, launched initiatives in 创意企业 and Equity, Diversity, 包容与归属(EDIB), created new technology-driven programs including 朱丽亚生活, a Bloomberg-sponsored livestreaming initiative with a dedicated app, 扩大国内和国际巡演, opened the school’s first branch campus in Tianjin, China, 并取得了许多筹款里程碑, including funding the newly tuition-free Drama MFA and the 音乐进修计划 (MAP), which has also expanded thanks to a $50 million grant. 随着他的前进, Woetzel continues to build on Juilliard’s tradition of educational and artistic excellence as he leads a multiyear effort to increase sustainable affordability alongside a dedicated Board of Trustees led by Chair Vincent Mai.

他是那个时代最杰出的芭蕾舞演员之一, Woetzel retired in 2008 from a 20-year career as a principal dancer with the New York City Ballet and as a dancer on the international stage. 离职后, Woetzel has taken on multiple roles in arts leadership, including artistic director of the Vail Dance Festival since 2007, where he has commissioned over 100 new works by choreographers including Michelle Dorrance, Alonzo King, Justin Peck, 阿列克谢Ratmansky, Paul Taylor, Pam Tanowitz, 克里斯托弗·威尔顿, with new music by composers including Rhiannon Giddens, Philip Glass, Jason Moran, 和卡罗琳·肖. Woetzel's other roles have included director of the Aspen Institute Arts Program from 2011 to 2018, and founding director of the Jerome Robbins Foundation’s New Essential Works (NEW) Program, which initiated grants to support new dance works over a five-year period. 项目包括DEMO, 他在肯尼迪中心举办了自己的系列活动, Spaces by Wynton Marsalis for Jazz at 林肯中心, 与马友友合作了许多项目, including the Silk Road Connect program in the New York City public schools. Former President Obama appointed Woetzel to the President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities in 2009, 他在整个奥巴马时代任职. Woetzel holds a master’s in public administration from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and has been a visiting lecturer at Harvard Law School. He received the 2015 Harvard Arts Medal and is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

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Juilliard has for many years worked to increase the affordability of attending the school, and as the second five-year term began under the leadership of President Woetzel, this focus became a primary goal of becoming an ever more tuition-free institution. This emphasis was highlighted with the announcement in September 2023 of the Drama Division’s MFA program as the latest area of the school to become a tuition free program. The board and administration of the school are focused on efforts—such as the recently completed $10 million Greene Foundation Scholarship Challenge—to extend this progress to other areas of the school, and to the student body overall over the next years.

This effort is built on the belief that Juilliard’s unparalleled education demands that it be affordable to all who qualify to attend the school. The school currently provides scholarships and financial aid to over 90% of the student body. 超过25%的学生根本不交学费, and our aim is to increase that number steadily through sponsorship of individual programs, as well as general funding for scholarship overall. 同时, and integrally related to this scholarship effort, are the ever-expanding efforts to support the work of the school’s peerless faculty, the excellence of the educational offerings overall, and the connectivity of new generations of young students in music, dance, and drama to the fields which they become the leaders in generation after generation.

Read more about the recent Drama MFA announcement HERE.

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“Our commitment to our students must be to provide an evolving platform that offers them the fullest range of opportunity for their individual futures.——达米安·沃泽尔总统


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