Juilliard 奖学金

Scholarship decisions are made by the Juilliard Scholarship Committee upon the student’s admission to Juilliard and based on a combination of financial need and artistic merit. The members of the committee include administrators for the Departments of Enrollment Management and 金融援助 as well as senior administrators and artistic directors from appropriate areas of the School. While we are unable to meet the full need of all who apply, we make every effort to assist as many students as possible to attend the School.

In examining a student’s financial need, the committee considers student and parent income and assets, total educational debt, availability of outside funds, and special circumstances, such as loss of employment. Merit is determined based on the student’s entrance audition and academic history.

It is a fundamental principle of awarding aid that every student and his or her family should contribute to their education to the extent of their ability. 然而, we also recognize that the information provided on the FAFSA does not always provide a realistic assessment of the student’s ability to pay for college. We encourage families to provide us with whatever supplemental information they feel is important to give us a clearer picture of their financial circumstances and enable us to create an appropriate award package.

It’s not possible to estimate how much scholarship each student might receive, as that decision is based on the applicant’s relative need and merit compared to other admitted students each year. 然而, to estimate your potential aid amount, we invite you to use our Net Price Calculator. While this tool does not constitute a guarantee of a scholarship offer, it is based on median amounts awarded to our most recent incoming first-year class and may help provide guidance in planning for college.

Students can expect the same amount of scholarship assistance each year provided they reapply on time and demonstrate satisfactory academic progress

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